Tips to make your moving day great


Three months ahead
  • Create a moving-day file system, including key phone numbers (lawyer, REALTOR®, insurer).
  • Collect recommendations for movers.
  • Start to sell, use up, give away, recycle or discard anything you won’t move.
  • Arrange school transfers.
  • Update your address with: Financial institutions, government, employers, pension plans, doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, motor vehicle bureaus, insurers, associations, subscriptions.
Two months ahead
  • Collect written estimates, hire a mover.
  • Collect boxes.
  • Start packing non-essential items; label boxes, keep inventory.
  • Arrange changeovers: Mail, cable, telephone, Internet, utilities, home and auto insurance.
One month ahead
  • Measure new home, create floor plan, colour-code boxes for each room.
  • Make moving-day plans for children, pets.
  • Dispose of flammables, drain fuel-burning equipment.
  • Send out items for cleaning/repair; arrange for pickup/delivery to new home.
  • Arrange to transplant or take cuttings from prized outdoor perennials.
  • Identify valuable/fragile items to be moved separately (jewellery, houseplants).
  • Begin to disassemble large furniture pieces; continue packing.
Final week
  • Confirm everything. Give directions, phone numbers.
  • Finish packing, dismantle fixtures (shelving, curtains).
  • Visit new home: Test keys, lights, appliances, furnace, doorbell. Ensure all agreed items are in place (light fixtures, blinds).
  • Arrange vehicle parking, book elevators.
  • Clean fridge, stove, bathroom.
  • Assemble keys, documentation for new owner.
  • Create moving-day kit: Sleepwear, next-day clothes; medications, toiletries; essential foods plus utensils; charged phone, laptop, chargers; cleaning supplies; moving-day file system.

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