Moving day is exciting, hectic, rewarding and sometimes a bit stressful. One thing it should never be is dangerous. Avoid injury by planning ahead, being prepared and remembering that whether you hire professional movers (highly recommended!) or do it yourself, safety comes first. Here are five tips for moving day safety.

Moving day safety tip No. 1: Relocate your kids and pets

The safest place for young children is off-site, so make arrangements to have a caregiver take them off your hands. (Hello, Grandma and Grandpa!)

Likewise, pets are better off at a boarding facility or daycare. Although you could lock them in a room, the disruption and noise of moving day will upset them. In a worst-case scenario, they could get loose and run away, or injure themselves or someone else.

Moving day safety tip No. 2: Dress appropriately

Dress in layers so you’re ready for all types of weather, and avoid loose sleeves or hems, which can get snagged on objects.

Nix sandals or flip-flops in favour of closed-toe shoes. The best shoes are supportive, with a good grip: safety shoes, hiking boots and running shoes are ideal.

Protect your hands with work gloves.

Moving day safety tip No. 3: Pack smart

Set the stage for a successful moving day by packing with safety in mind.

  • Keep boxes under 50 pounds (23 kg).
  • Pack light items in big boxes and heavy items in small boxes, to avoid the temptation to go over the 50-pound (23 kg) recommendation, risking back strain and injury.
  • Wrap knives and other sharp objects in bubble wrap or newspaper before boxing them.

Moving day safety tip No. 4: Sweep the grounds

Check your current and future homes for trip-and-fall hazards in the days before the move.

Mark any big cracks with colourful chalk, and sweep the walkway and drive for toys, tools or yard debris.

Trim tree branches and shrubs that protrude into the walkway or doorway.

Make sure all room and porch light fixtures have working bulbs.

Indoors, remove area rugs, runners and mats that people could trip over. Keep electric cords away from foot traffic, and clear entrances of boxes, shelves or anything else that obstructs the way or could be bumped into.

Moving day safety tip No. 5: Don’t overextend yourself

The physical labour of moving day is greater than most people encounter in their daily lives. Don’t take a weekend warrior approach and push your body past its limits.

If a box is too heavy, leave it for someone stronger to carry, or share the load with a partner.

Maintain your energy by fuelling up with snacks and water.

Start moving day refreshed, having enjoyed a full night’s sleep.

Finally, be proactive by ensuring you’ve got the right size of moving crew for you. While friends and family can be very helpful, hiring a team of reliable pros is the surest way to a safe, lower-stress moving day.

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