If you are are planning to move and want to find a reliable mover that has a great reputation and fits your budget The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) can help.

They recommend that you do your research, learn about your rights and responsibilities, get in-home estimates and book your move early. The best movers get contracted quickly so do your homework and avoid scams by following these tips to help protect your family and possessions:

  • Hire a reputable mover, one that you know. Check with your provincial government, the Better Business Bureau and CAM before you contract a mover to ensure they are members in good standing.
  • Read Industry Canada’s Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company on CAM’s website, www.mover.net.
  • If you have more than a few items to ship get in-home estimates from movers as this is the only way to get an accurate estimate on your move and will alleviate cost disputes later on.
  • Take the time to validate the mover’s reputation and their affiliations. Don’t make your decision based on the mover’s advertisement, verbal promises or slick website as these won’t ensure a good move.
  • Beware of lowball quotes or movers offering to waive the tax. Low prices are often altered on moving day with additional fees and only a disreputable mover will avoid collecting tax.
  • Get a written explanation of the mover’s liability for loss or damage while in transit.
  • Rogue movers have vague contact information on their web site. If there is only a cell or toll free number listed, avoid them. If it does list an address take the time to drive by their facility to ensure they have a warehouse, trucks and equipment to service your move.
  • Beware of movers who charge up front for a move. Reputable movers collect at time of delivery.

Last but not least always get promises and quotes in writing. Don’t accept a verbal agreement or over-the-phone estimate. A verbal commitment or promise is not binding and cannot be proven in a dispute.

Contact CAM to help you find a reputable mover. As Canada’s moving industry association, CAM sets strict admission requirements for membership and monitors movers’ performance. Members must adhere to CAM’s code of ethics and commit to mediation in the likely event of a dispute. Visit www.mover.net for more information.

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