In 2015, Genworth Canada marks 20 years of helping Canadians achieve homeownership. Since 1995, Genworth Canada has helped 1.4 million families across the country purchase their home. But that’s not the only way we’ve made an impact. Read on for other ways we’ve positively affected the Canadian real estate market – and people’s lives.

Homeownership and Real Estate

Genworth Canada has made a huge mark on the Canadian real estate market. By helping a variety of different types of purchasers – first-time buyers, new Canadians, self-employed entrepreneurs, those buying a second home or property for a relative – we’ve made the dream of homeownership come true for a wide range of Canadians from coast to coast.

Here are statistics that speak for themselves:

  • 1.4 million: the number of families across Canada that have achieved homeownership with our help
  • 200: the number of lenders across Canada that we work with
  • 29,000: the number of families who have been able to help stay in their homes through our Homeowner Assistance Program
Community Participation

Corporate responsibility and philanthropy is built proudly into our DNA. From the beginning, Genworth Canada has worked hard to have a positive impact in the communities we serve.  From fundraising campaigns and corporate donations to volunteering, you can find Genworth Canada staff lending a hand in your community. Here’s what we’ve achieved so far:

  • 12,000: total volunteer hours given by Genworth Canada employees since 1995
  • 70: Charities supported since 1995
Habitat for Humanity Canada:
  • $254,671 donated in cash or gifts in kind since 2006
  • $150,000 donated in support of the Genworth Canada Money Matters Resource Centre
  • $198,000 donated since 2008 for juvenile diabetes
City of Oakville:
  • $250,000 donated the new Oakville Hospital Fracture Clinic between 2010 and 2014
  • $40,000 donated to the Oakville Chamber of Commerce
  • $500,000 donated to the United Way of Oakville, since 2004

At Genworth Canada, we take pride in the professionalism and expertise of our employees. We’re grateful for our knowledgeable and caring staff because they’re the reason for our success.

  • Since 2002, Genworth Canada’s staff has grown from 102 to approximately 270 employees
  • Genworth’s staff brings over 1,000 years of overall work experience in the industry
  • Nearly one-third of Genworth Canada’s staff have over 10+ years service with the company
Want To Learn More?

Learn more about Genworth Canada and our history by visiting us at or watching the Genworth Canada Story on YouTube.

In addition, check out these time-tested resources for first-time homebuyers:, to demystify the homebuying process for first-time homebuyers with articles, videos and tools., to stay organized and on track on your house-hunting.

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