Financial compatibility is crucial for couples planning to buy a home together. You need to be on the same page on short- and long-term goals, and to take a collaborative approach to problem solving. Do you and your sweetie have what it takes? Take our quiz to find out if you are a good money match.

Pick the best answer for your situation:

1. You use your personal savings to buy a $500 mountain bike. Your partner is…
  1. Surprised, but happy for me.
  2. Angry: S/he feels I should have other priorities.
  3. Unsurprised – I’ve been planning the purchase for a while now.
2. Your partner would describe your credit card use as:
  1. A mystery to them!
  2. Irresponsible, or alternatively, tight-fisted
  3. Responsible, or alternatively, concerning and in need of managing
3. Can you see yourself buying a home – the biggest investment of your life! – with this person?
  1. Sure! Why not?
  2. I hope so, but I wonder if we’d drive each other nuts…
  3. Yes, we’re making plans towards achieving this goal.
4. Have you seen one another’s credit reports?
  1. I think so. I can’t remember, actually.
  2. No, that’s private!
  3. Yes, they’re stapled together in our house-buying folder.
5. How did planning your last vacation go?
  1. No planning: One of us surprised the other with the trip!
  2. So stressful: I needed a vacation after that!
  3. Great! We had fun emailing suggestions back and forth.

If you picked mostly A’s: Mystery match

Shared goals—what are those?! You haven’t really discussed your financial goals and whether or not you figure’s in one another’s financial future. Want to buy a property together? Start communicating.

If you picked mostly B’s: Start the conversation

You have a high degree of financial conflict. It’s not that one of you is right and the other’s wrong, it’s just that you have very different financial values. Money can be a battleground for many couples, so start the conversation early in order to understand and work through any differences.

If you picked mostly C’s: Match made in money heaven

You’re on the same page as your partner, and you are both committed to shared financial goals. Keep up the good work!

Achieve the homeownership dream sooner