Side gig. Side job. Freelance work. Boosting your main income source with a second income stream is a fact of life for many Canadians. In fact, millennials are the age group most likely to do so, with over one-third using their spare time to work a second gig. If you have a 9-to-5 job, the best side gigs offer flexibility so you can set your own hours. (Bonus points if they also build your skills or are just plain fun!) Here are five great side job ideas for millennials.

Side job idea No. 1: Cleaner or handyperson

Sign up as a casual cleaner, handyperson or general tasker through an app like AskforTask. Peruse jobs on your phone and grab just the ones you want, when you are available.

PROS: Flexible hours/days, direct deposit – no need to chase down your payments

Considerations: Some jobs require one year of paid experience

Side job idea No. 2: Dog walker or overnight sitter

You could start off casually sitting for friends, but a platform like Rover widens your circle and adds professional must-haves like insurance and 24-7 vet assistance.

PROS: Flexible hours/days, direct deposit, playing with pups all day (or overnight)!

Considerations: Access to a car increases your hire-ability

Side job idea No. 3: Digital and/or social media tutor

As the first generation of “digital natives,” computer- and social-media-savvy millennials have a lot to offer older friends and family who want to get caught up to speed stat.

PROS: Flexible hours/days, good vibes

Considerations: Be specific about costs and services (“How to create an account and use Instagram” or “Customizing iPhone settings”) up front

Side job idea No. 4: Market vendor

Have an eye for vintage clothes or furniture? Avid crafter? Got a green thumb or are an ah-mazing home baker? Rent a booth or table at a craft sale, flea market or farmers’ market and sell your wares, even if it’s just a few times a year.

PROS: Flexible hours/days, creative work, social

Considerations: Check local health regulations if you plan to sell prepared foods

Side job idea No. 5: Translator

Speak or write a second (or third) language, or both? Try translating. Online searches yield a wealth of temporary gigs, whether your forte is in the spoken or written word.

PROS: Flexible hours/days, develop a highly marketable career skill

Considerations: Online opportunities are accessible for those outside big, multicultural cities

TIP: Some workplaces may require you disclose having a second job, or may not allow it at all. Check with your human resources department to find out if such policies affect you.

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