New year, new opportunities! Kick off 2015 by outlining your financial goals. Whether you want to buy your first home, pay down your debts, or even invest in a second property, Genworth Canada has financial planning tools to help you stay organized and on-track. Here are 5 financial planning tools worth bookmarking and revisiting throughout 2015.

1. What Can I Afford?

One of the first steps in the homebuying process is to determine your budget. If homeownership is one of your 2015 financial goals, get started by figuring out how much house you can afford. One of the most useful financial planning tools in your toolkit should be Genworth’s What Can I Afford calculator. Use it to calculate an appropriate mortgage amount based on your household income, debt load and other key considerations.


2. Mortgage Payment Calculator

A monthly budget is essential for financial planning, whether you are saving for a home, or are a longtime, proud homeowner. If you’re planning to buy in 2015, use Genworth’s Mortgage Payment Calculator to number-crunch while house hunting. This financial planning tool factors your mortgage amount, monthly payments, amortization and other details using variables you plug in.


3. Premium Calculator

Trying to figure out which mortgage would be best for you? Compare, contrast and strategize using our Premium Calculator. It calculates the insurance premium on any Genworth Canada mortgage product. It’s the fastest way to determine which Genworth mortgage is right for you, whether you’re shopping for your first home, or planning to invest in an investment property, second home or vacation home.


4. My Home Planner

Bought a new home? Stay focused while you count down to your closing and move-in dates with Genworth’s My Home Planner. This personalized site allows you to create and update a task list and planning calendar, keeping you on track as you navigate your journey to homeownership.



Start the new year debt free!

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