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Whats trending in real estate for newcomers to Canada Many newcomers to Canada are looking to build a life here and that means finding a home. We get the lowdown from industry professionals on the hottest neighbourhoods and latest trends in Toronto Vancouver and Montreal real estate markets for newcomers. MARKET TRENDS CHECK OUT GENWORTH.CA 18 GENWORTH CANADA FALL 2O15 With home values in the major urban markets continuing to rise homebuyers are being forced to adjust their expectations says James Laird president and broker of record with CanWise Financial. Many people start shopping assuming that they will buy a detached home in a specific neighbourhood but quickly realize they will have to alter their criteria in order to become homeowners he says.This typically means purchasing a smaller more efficient home such as a condo or townhouse or moving further away from the city centre. The one factor that has helped ease the pain is continuously decreasing mortgage rates says Laird.With variable rates dropping below two per cent and fixed rates at 2.5 per cent mortgage payments remain manageable even at higher loan amounts.