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SURPRISE PARTY Buying your first home Youre likely discovering theres so much to learn Thats precisely why we reached out to Genworth Canadas social media community. We crowd- sourced Facebook for the single-biggest first-timer surprises to help you learn from their homebuying experiences. I mainly remember that when it seemed everything was taken care of a new wrinkle would emerge a small issue with the paperwork shifting timelines. Fortunately we had great people working with us so everything came out wonderfully. In the end what I remember most of all is that feeling of turning the key in the lock and walking in for the first time. Greg B. Follow us on Facebook at THE BUZZ CHECK OUT GENWORTH.CA Though we were pretty sure our finances were all in order the mortgage process still took a long time with lots of documentation. It was very thorough but time-consuming Vik S. Because we took our time and did our research we ended up making an informed decision about our mortgage. With some additional investigation we were able to save thousands of dollars. Olivier G. Items like appliances sometimes come with the house and sometimes they dont. Make sure you know exactly whats included with the property because you may be surprised to discover as we were you may have to pay sales tax on them. William S. I recall all the paperwork. So much paperwork And the excitement of course Its such a big purchase its life changing. As a first-time buyer I couldnt imagine negotiating my way through all the items to be done without professional help. Trish K. The variability of the market was a surprise to us how inventory could dry up from one month to the next and how quickly housing prices could rise. Sam S. 22 GENWORTH CANADA FALL 2O15