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4 NEWS VIEWS 8 BUDGETING FOR FUTURE COSTS 10 NEW CANADIANS AND THE REAL ESTATE MARKET 14 NEW TO CANADA RESOURCES 16 CLOSING THE DEAL 18 MARKET TRENDS 20 IN THE COMMUNITY 22 FIRST-TIMER TIPS NEW COUNTRY NEW SEASON NEW START GENWORTH CANADA FALL 2O15 3 WELCOME CHECK OUT GENWORTH.CA We understand that buying a home is a unique experience for new Canadians so in this edition of A Better Way to Home Ownership we decided to focus on the New to Canada experience. Youll find it jam-packed with advice and resources to help navigate this countrys diverse and at times complex housing market. So pull up a chair and get inspired to embark on your own journey to homeownership Curious about Canadas new homebuyers We start off on page 4 with some key data that offers a glimpse into the persona of todays generation of new immigrants and their views on homeownership. A handy homebuying checklist for new Canadians on page 14 will help ensure all your preparation is on track and throughout this issue youll find information on programs and tools available to help you in your homebuying process. Our main feature is a must-read. We focus on New Canadians and the Real Estate Market introducing you to industry professionals who share insights into different major markets across the country. In our Compass article on page 16 we explain what needs to be done once the offer is accepted and after the deal has closed. We hope you enjoy the next few pages. Have questions Join Genworth Canadas social media community on Facebook and LinkedIn and ask away. Were here to help Welcome to Canada and welcome home Debbie McPherson Senior Vice-President Sales Marketing Genworth Canada COVERPHOTO EDITOR Sean Deasy ART DIRECTOR Gordon Alexander FREELANCE CONTRIBUTORS Jasmine Miller Vawn Himmelsbach PROJECT MANAGER Kari Bronaugh