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8 GENWORTH CANADA FALL 2O15 BUDGETING CHECK OUT GENWORTH.CA HOW TO PREPARE FOR SURPRISE COSTS First-time homeownership often coincides with lifestyle changes such as marriage parenthood or an out-of-town commute that requires a new vehicle. Even if youre planning for an increase in expenses its important to stash away something extra for any surprises. Some first-time homeowners have a financial plan based on hope. They hope nothing happens because they dont have any extra money set aside says Doug Buss a financial planner with YourStyle Financial in Winnipeg. Most clients he works with are aware of their expenses and try to live within their means but they dont have much if anything saved up for unexpected expenses. But life happens. People dont plan to fail they fail to plan says Buss. For exam- ple if interest rates do go up a lot of people will be in trouble. Thats why its so important to have a financial plan stick to a budget and save for a rainy day.