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NEW TRENDS IN SASKATOON REAL ESTATE PRAIRIES Wondering whats new in the Saskatoon real estate market We were too So we asked Brandon Moore owner of real estate marketing rm Black Dog Republic and a REALTOR with Royal LePage Vidorra for the lowdown on the rst- timer scene in his hometown. Q First-time buyers in the Prairie provinces favour detached homes but is there some variety in this demand A Actually the condo lifestyle is a good t for many rst-time homebuyers. Theres a robust inventory of condo options for rst-time buyers to choose from however theres an increasing segment of rst-time consumers purchasing new detached homes with fully completed legal basement suites. Paying a full mortgage on a single- family dwelling can be out of reach for the rst-time buyer and builders are starting to accommodate this segment with the suited option. Banks consider the income generated from the legal suites when approving a prospective purchasers mortgage. That allows the AT A GLANCE Average Home Purchase Price 276397 Average Down Payment 7.2 AverageHousehold Income 90601 Source Genworth Canada 2015 New Insurance Written purchase business only. TYPE OF PROPERTY Condo 4.5 Detached 87.2 Row 5.7 Semi 2.4 10 GENWORTH CANADA SPRINGSUMMER 2016