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GENWORTH CANADA FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYERS VIDEO SERIES Follow a Canadian couple as they navigate the real estate market in our Own Sweet Home video series Join Adam and Sarah as they shop for a mortgage house hunt and close the deal on their dream home. Share the excitement while gaining real- world insights for your own real estate goals. Watch Own Sweet Home at Homeownership.caOwnSweetHome. BEST FOR HIPSTERS Try West End a neighbourhood on the western side of the peninsula for unique homes in a vibrant community thats within walking distance of trendy shops coffee bars parks and restaurants says Jeremiah. Properties here encapsulate the original character and history of our city but theyve been updated with artisan touches and modern conveniences. BEST FOR SMALL BUDGETS For a great deal on a new home theres a development in Spryeld called Governors Brook says Jeremiah. It has townhouses semi-detached and fully detached homes at affordable prices. For good deals closer to the city Fairview has started to undergo a transformation. Its attracting buyers not afraid to put in a little sweat equity into their rst home. GENWORTH CANADA SPRINGSUMMER 2016 21