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We were pre-approved with a bank and wrote an offer lucky the realtor told us to write subject to nancing in. When we went in to the bank with the accepted offer the bank took the usual 2 weeks to get back to us with a decline. The person had made a mistake. Luckily the receptionist in my ofce was married to a mortgage broker and set us up with him. He came to our house for the application and then when we were approved he came again for document signing. I was so impressed I decided I wanted to become a mortgage broker...and I did...True story - Deborah Lewis Fehr We bought our rst house and paid 40000 for it because back then we were investing in GICs at 16.75 while we lived with parents. Mortgage interest rates were 18 and we decided to make our rst house purchase without a mortgage. Everything is very different today when you look at very high property prices and very low mortgage rates and GICs saving rates are nothing to talk about. - Laurent Charbonneau shared experiences BECOMING A HOMEOWNER FOR THE FIRST TIME IS AN EXPERIENCE FILLED WITH PRIDE EMOTION AND LIFE LESSONS. HERES WHAT MORTGAGE PROFESSIONALS SAID ABOUT THEIR OWN FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYING EXPERIENCES. 22 GENWORTH CANADA SPRINGSUMMER 2016