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I remember tromping around for 2 weeks and looked at a dozen places. When we pulled into the driveway of the one I bought I said to my Realtor...this is the one...I wasnt even out of the car yet it was and Ive lived in my home for 15 years now and still love it - Joy Caravello I remember buying my 1st property like it was yesterday. I was nervous scared and excited at the same time. I was 19 years old and had saved enough for a down payment. My father was acting as my buyers agent. I fell in love with the 1st condo that I looked at mostly because of the beach location. I was very happy there for many years and feel extremely lucky that I got into the market when I did... - Michelle Perreault When I bought my rst property the 5-year xed-rate mortgage was 5.29. My Dad told me Take the 10-year at 6.99. Rates will never be this low again Did we ever think wed see 2.59 You learn a LOT from your rst purchase and those lessons - both good and bad help you to move forward and evaluate future purchases. The most important lesson Ive ever learned is change. The market and everything in it is constantly changing. Rates change. Prices change. Areas change. Styles change. Incomes change. Market climate changes. The process of buying and selling changes. You need to keep up with all the changes or risk being caught off-guard when its your turn to jump back into the market. - David Fleming GENWORTH CANADA SPRINGSUMMER 2016 23