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04FEATURE STORY TODAYS FIRST-TIME HOMEBUYING EXPERIENCE Coast-to-coast snapshots 22SHARED EXPERIENCES Mortgage professionals share their steps to homeownership. SPRING STARTS HERE Thinking of buying a home and not sure where to start what to buy how much to spend or who to hire for professional advice In this issue of A Better Way to Home Ownership well get you started on the right foot with practical insights into rst-time homebuying experiences across the country. We reached out to new homebuyers and seasoned mortgage professionals from coast to coast for their lessons learned and best advice to help you make the right personal and nancial choices. For each region we also provide a snapshot of housing market statistics based on what the average Genworth Canada insured borrower purchased in 2015. And for those not sure where to settle in Canada read on to see what 320000 can buy you in different cities across the country. To make your house hunting experience even easier sign up for our newsletter at and receive a practical checklist to keep you on top of some of the most important things to consider when shopping for your rst home. And for more shared best practices and professional advice follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn and join the homebuying conversation. Were here to help. Happy house hunting Debbie McPherson Senior Vice-President Sales Marketing Genworth Canada Produced by CoverPhotosiStock.comRonTech2000ArpadBenedek GENWORTH CANADA SPRINGSUMMER 2016 3